Designer Flush Doors by Hunsply

These doors are custom made according to the defined sizes.

Customization can happen over various aspects of manufacturing process.

  • Size of the door
  • Thickness of the door
  • The veneer overlay

Overlay Customization

  1. One side overlay
  2. Both side overlay
    • Both side same veneer
    • Both side different veneer
    • One side veneer, other side laminate
    • Veneer overlaid in different patterns, horizontal and vertical combination, or as per requirement / choice of the client

The home/office designer can play with the different themes of the lay-out of the site and allot a specific veneer to be laid in any specific pattern, be it normal vertical or horizontal application or more complex integrated pattern in other geometric designs to set off the decor of the house. Nowadays these patterns are also being designed keeping in mind Vastu compatibility!


In the same way if the inside of the door facing the room needs a different look and feel than the door face opening out in the lobby then again customized doors should be preferred.

A factory made or pre-pressed door gives a more unblemished look and impeccable polished finish bereft of any nail marks or chipping which are hallmarks of finishing using hand saw and other machining tools at the site.

At Hunsply, even an individual door can be customized and they offer the highest thickness at 75 millimeters (mm), the maximum length and breadth is as per industry standards of 2440 mm and 1220 mm respectively.

IMG_20140902_174857Desiner Flush Door Veneer overlayed


As one can see from the pictures, the quality of the material is far superior to that available in the otherwise mass produced and omnipresent products in the market. The resonating design integrity results in fabulous finish and a stable product that would last you a lifetime.

The Hindu has written an article on Hunsply Doors, which talks about the beauty and quality of the product.