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Wood and the Environment (Facts & Figures)


While most people choose wood for its Affordability, Strength, Design flexibility & Beauty, it’s becoming increasingly recognized for its environmental attributes as follows

Wood is the world’s most abundant renewable resource.

  • It’s recyclable
  • Biodegradable
  • Sustainable over the long term
  • It absorbs carbon dioxide and releases clean oxygen.


Wood is the ultimate “Green” building material.

Wood offers more Products for Less Energy:

Simply put, manufacturing wood is energy efficient.
Compare the amount of energy it takes to produce one ton of cement, glass, steel, or aluminium to one ton of wood:

  • 5 times more energy for one ton of cement
  • 14 times more energy for one ton of glass
  • 24 times more energy for one ton of steel
  • 126 times more energy for one ton of aluminium

The Miracle Tree (Kad Bevu):


  • KAD BEVU has been identified as a fast growing indigenous species.
  • This species being a local timber is better suited for industrial use than other exotic / foreign species being presently propagated
  • Growing this species can increase the forest cover rapidly which at present is a national priority.
  • Large scale availability of plantation timber will save our natural forest and bio diversity which need to be protected.
  • This will improve rural Economy
  • The seeds of this tree can be used for the extraction of a bio pesticide which is an industry by itself
  • The use of this timber as and when available produces a very good quality plywood comparable to international standards