Hunsply (Hunsur Plywood Works Pvt. Ltd.)

Hunsply (Hunsur Plywood Works Pvt. Ltd.)

Estb. in 1946 Hunsply is Indias one of the oldest plywood manufacturer. They have continually delivered high quality products since it started its production and even today are delivering products that surpass domestic quality standards.

Their products are made from plantation timber & are genuinly more eco friendly than their counterparts.

The construction quality of the their products is again superior to its competitors as they slice their own timber and maintain genuine core thickness. They even take extreme measures in ensurng no core gaps and an even glue line.

The logs used are seasoned ensuring that the end product is of the highest quality.

In our expirience, Hunsply has had a very high sucess rates where ever it has been used. We have never faced any compalints from our clients and like our Directors would say “Hunsply is the genuine 24 carat gold, no mixing”

They have been revolutionary in their ideas and have developed a hybrid varient of Neem which they use for plywood construction.

They have a very special place in the Indian Plywood market and are written about by News Papers like “The Hindu”.

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