Mahogany Crotch

These are obtained from the forks of the trees.  Production takes place on a slicer. Often the crotches are open in the middle, which makes them nearly impossible to work with. The look and feel of the finished veneer looks like blazing fire due to the intermittent shades of orange and bronze. The inverted ‘U’ pattern adds to the aura. Even the elongated pattern has a raw and rustic appeal.

The coloring becomes more and more beautiful with age and looks noble in appearance.

Mainly found in tropical jungles of South America and Africa. The length of the veneer is generally up to 1.50 meters, length of 2.00 meters is fairly rare.

Used in furniture industry, wall paneling, interiors of luxury vehicles, boats and ships. Has found a special place in the piano industry as well.

Screwing and nailing is easy and takes surface treatment well.

Botanic Name:

African Mahogany – Khaya Ivorensis

American Mahogany – Swieturia Macrophylla