American White Ash FC 5

American White Ash Flat Cut Wood Veneer - polished - New Delhi, India Furniture design & detailing, interior decoration & interior design, home remodeling & home decor, office decor & office remodeling. Natural wood veneer & beautiful wood grains. Exotic and exquisite range. Large sets & blemish free. Select from online gallery, call us for enquiry - +91 9810449269 Brands: Hunsply (Hunsur Plywood Works), Duro (Sarda Plywood Industries Ltd.), Sonear, Greenply & Century Sub Brands - Decowood, Nature Signature, Houdini etc. Available species: Red Oak, White Oak, Cedar, White Ash, Sycamore, Mahogany, Bubinga, Larch, Black Walnut, Elm, Black Cherry, Hard Maple, Sapele, Zericote, Eucalyptus, Burls, Crotch, Madrona, Pomelle, Fiddle, Figure, Louro Preto, Bamboo, Anegre, Angelim, Bocote, Wenge, Coigue, Ipe, Jatoba, Kosipo, Chestnut, Rosewood, Santos, Silver Oak, Sucupira, Steam Beech, White Beech, Zingana, Makore, Tulip Steel Gray, Bog Oak Gray, Copper Oak, Oak dyed roman clay and more Designs: Smoked, Natural, Horizontals, Dyed, Crowns, Straight grains, Flat Cut, Quarter Cut, Rough Cut, Sawn Look, Lumber effect, Distressed, Plank Matched, Mis Matched, Book Matched, Scrambled and more