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Metallic & Handmade Designer Laminates

We offer a huge range of metallic laminates by three international renowned brands via Ventura India: Homapal – Germany,  Chemetal – USA & Wallenstein – Germany

Other products: Valchromat (Coloured MDF) & Interart (Architectural Panels)

Metallic laminates: An extensive range of more than 100 real metal surface laminates. the range comprisies of brushed, polished, matt, embossed and print patterns in metal finished of Aluminium, Copper, Brass and Stainless Steel.

Homapal Magnetic Laminates: A perfect combination of functionality and design. Available in a wide range of colours and can be used with chalk or board marker.

Homapal Holz Laminates: Comprised of engineerd veneers like Grey Oak, Limed Oak, Walnut, ebony and Wenge embossed in various textures like Roughly Cut, Short Carved, Long Carved which are pressed and converted to laminates.

Homapal Arti-Prelam: Faux leather laminates, comprised of 12 decors in variety of embossing and contemporary shades.

Wallenstien handcrafted natural laminates: In stone, vintage and rust surfaces handmade by expert craftsmen from Wallenstien, Germany


Wallenstein Laminates (Germany): Handmade designer metallic laminates

old brass pure steel rust silver grey stone vintage corten steel



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Metlam Catalog:


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