Sahara Platinum Film-faced Shuttering Plywood – 26 Kg (12mm)

Sahara Platinum 26 Kg BWR grade film faced shuttering plywood is ideal for concrete formwork for beams, columns, flooring and slab form work, vertical or inclined concrete work, truck and tempo body work, mezzanine floors, exterior of homes, storage bins etc.

It has high resistance to abrasion, water absorption and varying temperatures, thus giving a product life substantially higher than ordinary shuttering ply. If handled and stored well, Sahara Platinum shuttering plywood can be reused up to 10 – 15 times on either side, making it the most cost effective panel material.


  • Even & full thickness alternate core construction
  • Withstands the load of concrete, vibrations, and extreme weather conditions
  • High reuse value


  • Carefully fix and remove plywood for maximum reuse
  • Apply releasing agents or mould oils occasionally for easy removal of plywood



It is a common myth that the weight of the shuttering plywood determines its strength and reuse value but it’s not true. It is a general trend in the market that a 34 Kg 12mm shuttering ply is good quality which is a myth as the strength and durability of shuttering plywood depends on the following 3 factors:

  1. Construction of plywood – Plywood is made by pasting together layers of wood called “Core”. The strength of the final plywood is determined by the quality of layers of wood (core) used i.e. even & full thickness cores, no core gaps & seasoned wood used for making the cores.
  2. BWR (Boiling water resistant) & Glue line: This regulates the plywood’s ability to withstand/resist water & maintain its integrity. Plywood is made BWR by adding phenol to the glue line. This ensures that the plywood would not fail under wet conditions as it is going to be exposed to wet concrete for forming purposes.
  3. Quality of the film: The film being used for coating the plywood makes it resistant to abrasion. This is very important as the wet concrete will dry on the same plywood. Once dry, concrete becomes highly abrasive. If poor quality film is used then it would come off after only couple of uses which in turn will expose the plywood to concrete. Plywood directly exposed to concrete and its drying process would come apart core by core as the bonding between bare plywood and concrete will be strong thereby increasing the chances of failure, hence we need good quality film on the shuttering.

In conclusion one can say that the true quality of the product is not determined by its weight but by its construction quality, glue line and quality of film used.


This monsoon season we decided to test our film faced shuttering plywood against the elements.

Shown below are results of the ply being exposed for over 4 months to 40+ rain showers, Delhi May-June heat and vibrations of daily transport on CNG Vehicle (Champion – which doesn’t have any suspension :-P)

IMG_20150718_124427 IMG_20150718_124342