Veneer Selection @ Duro (Sarda Plywood Industries Pvt Ltd, Rajkot)

We recently visited Sarda Plywood Industries Factory in Rajkot. Earlier situated at the outskirts of the industrial town, Rajkot, the factory is now fast coming into the main hustle bustle of the city. About 40 minutes drive from the tiny airport that caters to the ever moving Rajkot city, the factory is the main manufacturing hub for all product range of Sarda Plywood Industries Ltd. The premises also house staff quarters and a guest house for over-night visitors. As in all good manufacturing units the kitchen was well maintained, catering to all staff and visitors, and offered a very decent meal at all times!

At the manufacturing level, they slice their face veneers, core veneers and assemble them to make all their plywood in-house. Excess production and any sub standard material sliced is sold in the open market and not consumed in their own production to cut corners. As such, apart from sourcing the raw wood, all processes are indigenous, including the formulation of their glue, and all processes are up to the mark to meet all stringent quality standards.

The purpose of this particular visit was to select exclusive wood veneers to showcase in our marquee store Ply Samrat (India) Pvt. Ltd. located at Kirti Nagar,New Delhi.

They had a huge and exotic range of veneers in stock for us to make a decent selection according to the latest market trends. It included all veneer categories like smoked, fumed, with sap, with bark, knotty, burls, rustic, figured and fiddle veneers. The beauty of the grains was spectacular.

Here are some photos of selected materials:

Fiddle Ash Fiddle Walnut Louro Preto Smoked Oak Burl

Knotty Iron Bark Wet burl

Selection: Burls, Fiddles, Smoked & Designer Veneers

Manufacturing Process Flow:

Veneer Manufacturing Process Flow

Quality Management Processes

At SPIL, Quality Management is an organization-wide approach to understanding precisely what customers need and consistently delivering accurate solutions within budget, on time and with minimum loss to society.


This also incorporates measuring all process elements, the analysis of performance and the continual improvement of the products, services and processes that deliver them to the customer. For Sarda Plywood, quality management is also business management or integrated management.

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