American Black Walnut


Best veneer grade timber for Walnut is found in the Eastern states of USA. The wood is also called American Walnut or American Black Walnut. It is dark and rich brown in colour with figuring. Can be obtained in crown (flowery or flat cut) grains as well as quarter (straight) grains. A few knots can be found in the pattern formed, which can give a very birds eye kind of feel wherever present.

The log sizes are large. The species gives a very luxurious finish to furniture and an old world charm where used for paneling purposes. In its sawn form the log has high tensile strength and can be used for making of chairs and seats. It has been the traditional wood for grand piano making. The working is very convenient in this timber with hand tools as well as machining. Screwing, nailing, and gluing is easy, but alkaline glues should be avoided as it leaves a reaction stain.

Since the wood is very smooth it takes all kinds of polishing very well.

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Botanic name: Juglans Nigra