American White Oak

Found abundantly in North America and Europe, White Oak is used universally in all branches of woodworking due to its resistance to external influences (temperature variations). There are estimated 80 different varieties of Oak in the USA depending on region, growth, and mixed genera. The diameter of the logs in America is smaller than those of the European variety.

The colour spectrum of the wood ranges from light yellow to dark brown, at times deviation into pink is also possible, this is due to strong interbreeding.

The wood is porous and absorbs minerals and other oxides, resulting in streaks, which at times give a natural and wonderful influence to the veneer.

Its usage is varied from being used as stave wood in whiskey making, parquet flooring, stairs, door and panel making industry.

The grain pattern can be crown (flowery/flat) cut, or quarter (straight) cut as desired. Both give a unique texture.


All surface treatments are easy to apply and particularly suitable for rustic finish.



Botanic name: Quercus Alba